Suburban coaches

A staple of suburban and secondary services these coaches, with their high loading density, proved an efficient means of moving large numbers of passengers for many years.


Opening doors

Doors open and close when loading/unloading.

Passenger loading

Passengers are added to the coaches when loading and removed when unloading.

The passengers accurately represent the load of the coaches.

Working vac pipes and screw couplings

The same system as shown here on one of the wagons.



Livery and version details:

Each version comes in the Maroon and the earlier Carmine livery.

The pictures below show each version with the maroon livery seen from one side and the carmine from the other.

Suburban Composite (C)
Suburban Second (S)
Suburban Second Open (Non-Gangway) (SO-NG)
Suburban Brake Second (BS)



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