Strictly speaking not all of these are really 'frequently' asked questions, but they are questions that have been posed on the forums regarding this release. We hope that this section will help answer any questions you may have. If your question isn't answered here why not go to either the Auran or UKTrainz forums and ask there?



Rolling Stock


Is it a completely stand-alone game or will I need to have TRS2009 to run it?

It is a stand-alone package and an add-on for TS2009.

If you install it as a standalone without having TS2009:WBE installed you will only have access to the Driver and Railyard functions. You will be ble to drive all of the included sessions, but will not be able to edit the routes or sessions.

If you have TS2009:WBE installed you can add TS2009:S&C to that and have the full functionality. You will be able to edit the routes and session using Surveyor or create your own routes using the content included in TS2009:S&C. You will also be able to use the Content Manager to add more content from the Download Station or third party sites.


Will there be a discount on the new version for those who already own TS2009 and TC3?

Details of any discounts for customers who have purchased “Trainz Classics 3” will be released by Auran shortly.


Will there be a version available on disc?

The immediate plan is for a Digital Download version only. Should demand be considered sufficient a DVD version may be contemplated.


Is it worth getting the new one if we already have (and are satisfied with) TC3?

If you are satisfied with TC3, do not want any of the new TS2009 features, and are happy to wait for the additional content to be made available, then probably not. However, there are a lot of changes to the underlying code in TS2009 that are not in TC3. It is going to be a personal choice, we aren't going to twist any arms.


Does the S&C pack run in compatibility mode, native mode or both?

It is intended to run in native mode. If you add additional content that is not able to run in native mode then the S&C pack can be run in compatibility mode to compensate. So the answer to the question is 'both' really.


Is the route updated to use native mode without errors?



Will it include everything that is in TS2009?

No, you won't get the Surveyor functionality or the built-in content from TS2009 unless you add the pack to TS2009:WBE


Will support for TC3 continue after S&C is released?

Yes, although with two products to support the main attention may lean toward TS2009:S&C. Although we can't guarantee how long we'll be able to continue support for TC3, we have no plans to abandon it at the present time. At some point it may be necessary to concentrate on just one version to simplify matters.


If the weekly updates continue will they be for S&C rather than TC3?

We will support both products. The TC3 updates will be continuing with the aim of providing the new content which can be found in TS2009:S&C. After this time there should be further new items but I wouldn't like to guarantee a weekly service. Updates and additions for TS2009:S&C are not yet decided but we expect to extend the content set and resolve any problems we are able to as we did with TC3.


What is the difference between TC3 and TS2009: Settle and Carlisle?

Hard to sum up briefly, hopefully some of the other answers go some way to explaining. It could be said that it is updated and additional content on a newer platform with better performance and more of a future. I'm sure early reviewers will let us know all the 'ins and outs'


Is this a major update or a quick 'tart up'?

Early users will be the best arbiters, but I'd like to mention that at the last count there were 845 assets that are either new or have been updated from their earlier versions.


Is this a carbon copy of the route in TC3?

Well, TC3 was an accurate portrayal of the S&C in the 60s and so is TS2009:S&C, there's not a lot that can be changed on the actual route.


Does it take advantage of the 5m grid?

No, we feel that we did a pretty good job of using the 10m grid and time would be better spent elsewhere.


Have there been any changes or additions to the route?

We've fixed all the issues that we could on the route, a couple of missing point levers for example. There is also a new route section 'Ribblesdale' which demonstrates the new industries.


Have any more industries been made interactive?

Yes, the cattle docks and lime works now function correctly. There are also some new industries like the cheese and butter factory.


Will the new version include all the additional DLC the TC3 team have released

The majority of the content that was included in TC3 or has been released for it through the website will be included where it is appropriate for the route and timeframe of TS2009:S&C. Any other content that was made available for TC3 will be made available (updated if required) for TS2009:S&C through the new website. For example the Maroon and Blue MK1s are included as they are relevant, whereas the other livery versions will be made available through the website at a later date.


Are we getting the mystery diesel that was teased on the old TC3 web site?

Short answer, No. It hasnít been completed by the creator so we canít include it.


Are the Locos and stock updated to use native mode without errors?

Yes. All stock is error free in native mode and shows as such in CM2.


Will the new version include any stock that TC3 owners will not already have?

Yes, there are some items of rolling stock that are not yet available for TC3. The full stock listing can be found on the website.


Will any new stock be exclusive to the new addition or will it be available to TC3 users?

Any new stock included in the pack will be made available (in a TC3 version) via the Friday updates on the trainzclassics website. It will, of course, take a little while to release all of this in weekly updates so if you want it all straight away the option is there to buy TS2009:S&C and get it all now.


Will there be any new locos and/or stock? - Paul Hobbs mentioned he had quite a few tasty projects underway a while back.

There are no new locos included in the pack, but there is some new stock.