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17th Sep

T:ANE compatible assets update:

There is a new update which contains updated versions of some of the S&C assets to enable them to be error-free when used in Trainz: A New Era.

This does not include an update to the route and only contains content which had errors when imported into T:ANE

Whilst it contains locos and rolling stock you will still need the S&C pack in order for them to work as this update does not include all required dependencies.

The file can be downloaded from the 'Updates' page.

Website update status:

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the entire team, to thank everyone who has purchased the Settle and Carlisle package, or will purchase it in future, and say that we appreciate their custom and support, but we now feel that it is time for us to move on.

As a result we envisage that there will be no further updates to this website. The website will still provide a download resource for users, but nothing new will be added. We will review the hosting situation periodically and assess the traffic on the site to decide whether to extend the availability.

Once again, thanks for the custom and support.

The package is still available for purchase and will continue to be supported, we just don't plan to make anything new for it at this stage.

If you enjoyed S&C you may be interested in our new offering, the Potteries Loop Line. If you wish to know more about it you can access the support site for it by clicking the image below.



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