This is a listing of the locos to be included. Click any of the pictures to open a page giving full details of the relevant locomotives.


Aspinall Saddle Tank 0-6-0

Every yard of a half decent size needs a shunter. The S&C had a good few of these large yards and this little beauty will fulfil all your shunting requirements.

Fowler 3F - 'Jinty' - 0-6-0

The 'Jinty' 0-6-0T is probably one of the best known small British tank engines. Introduced in 1924 by Henry Fowler it became the standard LMS shunting loco.

Fowler 4F - 0-6-0

This locomotive was introduced in 1911 by the Midland Railway and with detail alterations was adopted as the standard medium size goods engine of the later London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS).

Stanier 8F - 2-8-0

Introduced for heavy mineral traffic the 8F could often be found hauling long, heavy, trains up the inclines of the S&C as well as being used for general freight duties along the line.

Britannia class

The Britannias were two-cylinder simple-expansion engines, free of gadgetry and intended to be easy to drive and maintain, with the working parts as easy to get as as possible. To be found on fast expresses and fitted freights along the S&C.

Gresley A3

Introduced in 1928 the A3 'Super Pacifics' were a development of the Earlier A1 pacifics. Having been used to do the bulk of the hard work on the LNER main lines in the 30s, during the later years of steam power they could be found on the S&C.

BR standard 9F 2-10-0

The BR Standard 9F is the largest and last design of steam locomotive built for British Railways.




Class 24

Initially built as a pilot order of 20 new type 2 locomotives the success of the class resulted in a total of 151 of these locos being built.

Class 37 (2 versions)

These locomotives were first delivered in the early 60s. Equiped with a 1,750hp English Electric 12CSVT diesel engine these locomotives were used on freight as well as passenger (including express) workings. Two seperate versions are included.

Class 40 (3 versions)

This class 40 locomotive comes with a wealth of features and a number of different versions and liveries.



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